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Would you like to earn extra income from home?
Would you like to promote a product line that is EASY to sell?

Start a fun and rewarding career with Endless Xpressions!

We carry a HUGE selection of floating lockets, charms, personalized jewelry,
personalized bags, handbags and specialty products too!

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So here is how it works:
You sign up as an Xpressionista, you promote your website link and earn money! Easy!
PLUS, you have the opportunity to build a team (downline) and earn a percentage of their sales as well!

Earn 30% commissions on your personal sales through your website, person-to-person sales,
home parties and vendor events (or however you chose to sell).

If you chose to build a team of "Xpressionistas"
You can earn 5% on your first level downline sales and earn 3% on your second level.

  • Quotas: EASY!
    However we do have a requirement to stay active within our system.  To maintain an active status - it's simple!  Login once every 90 days to your Representative Back Office and have $300 in sales (or purchases) every 6 months!

  • Do I have to buy a kit?
    We do offer 2 options. Mid Kit and Full Kit

  • Can I sell for other Direct Sales companies?
    Yes, with exception.
    You may work for other direct sales and affiliate companies as long as they do not offer the same type of products as Endless Xpressions. (Not Limited to: Lockets, Charms, Slide Charms, Leggings, Bags, Personalized items, Totes, Custom Jewelry). We do not allow our representatives to offer or sell products from other companies that offer the same or very similar products as ours. This is called a non-compete agreement.

  • How much will I make?
    We offer a generous compensation plan for our Representatives.On top of a 30% discount on all products, representatives earn:
    - Representative start at 30% commissions on personal sales. With a chance to work their way up and earn more with sales and team building
    - Representative who build teams will earn 5% on level 1 downlines, 3% on level 2 Downlines
    - Earning levels can be unlocked depending on your Personal Volume Sales for the month and Group Volumes (Downlines) - Coming Soon!

    We will soon be offering Advancement where representatives can unlock new titles, promotions, and earn more income!

  • How old do you have to be to join?
    All representatives must be at least 18 years old to join Endless Xpressions as a representative.

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