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Would you like to earn extra income from home?
Would you like to promote a product line that is EASY to sell?

We carry a HUGE selection of products!

Leggings - Bath & Body - Bath Bombs - Candles - Scents - Cruelty Free Cosmetics - Personalized items - Edibles - Totes - Jewelry & MORE

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So here is how it works:
You sign up as an Xpressionista, you promote your website link and earn money! Easy!
PLUS, you have the opportunity to build a team (downline) and earn a percentage of their sales as well!

Earn 30% commissions on your personal sales through your website, person-to-person sales,
social media and vendor events (or however you chose to sell).

If you chose to build a team of "Xpressionistas"
You can earn 5% on your first level downline sales and earn 3% on your second level.

  • Quotas: NOPE!
    However we do have a requirement to stay active within our system.  To maintain an active status - it's simple!  Login once every 90 days to your Representative Back Office

  • Do I have to buy a kit?
    We do offer 2 options. Starter and Full Kit

  • How much will I make?
    We offer a generous compensation plan for our Representatives. On top of a 30% discount on all products, representatives earn:
    - Representative start at 30% commissions on personal sales. With a chance to work their way up and earn more with sales and team building
    - Representative who build teams will earn 5% on level 1 downlines, 3% on level 2 Downlines

  • How old do you have to be to join?
    All representatives must be at least 18 years old to join Endless Xpressions as a representative.

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